Our Vision

The Athena Award for Continuing Education (A.C.E.) Scholarship was created to support the women of our Finger Lakes community.

Our program is based upon the core values promoted by the ATHENA International program:
       1. Excellence, creativity and initiative in her profession,
       2. Valuable service by contributing time and energy to her community, and
       3. Assistance to other women of all ages in reaching their full potential.

Our Story

The Athena Award for Continuing Education (A.C.E.) Association was founded in 2009 by a small group of women who wanted the local Athena Award program to have a lasting impact on our community. The idea was that a scholarship would be a great way to help one or more women each year as they sought to improve their lives through education, whether by starting, advancing, or changing their career path.  It is a huge source of pride to knowing the scholarship has bolstered over a dozen women throughout our Finger Lakes community, and that many of our recipients work to assist other women locally in the fields of education and healthcare. 

 In 2015, the Athena A.C.E. Association was granted official 501c3 status with the IRS, and was designated as an approved charity with the New York State Charities Bureau by the NYS Office of the Attorney General. Later that year, the first ever fundraising campaign generated enough revenue to fund two scholarships totaling $4,500. This level of success was repeated in 2016, and the need for our scholarship continues to grow. Each year we are overwhelmed with increasing numbers of applications from deserving candidates asking for support.  We see a genuine opportunity to help women in our Finger Lakes community and work tirelessly to continue expanding the program.


Meet the Athena A.C.E. Association Board Members

                                                                                                      Kelsey Journell