2018 Athena Award for Continuing Education (ACE)

The Athena Award for Continuing Education (ACE) scholarship is available to women at least 25 years of age who live in Seneca, Yates or eastern-Ontario counties and are, or will be, enrolled in an educational program by September 30, 2018.

The educational program may be a formal college program or any certification/training program that is necessary for the woman to advance in her career pursue her stated career goal.

Click on the links below to download the Instructions, Application and Reference Form for use in submitting your 2018 scholarship application.

Application Instructions

In addition to the completed application, additional materials/details are required.  Please review the instructions to ensure your application is complete by the deadline.

ACE Application

Please complete each section and provide the additional materials as required.

Reference Form

Provide the attached reference form to individuals who can provide additional details regarding your qualifications.

Scholarships Can Help!

The Association has awarded $4,500 to two recipients in each of the past 3 years.  Shown here are the 2017 winners at the announcement reception.  To learn more about how this scholarship has help women throughout the Central Finger Lakes pursue their dreams, visit our Recipients page.

2017 Recipients 1


Please email the Association with any questions regarding the application process and/or the status of your applications packet.