What is the deadline for scholarship applications?

The scholarship application deadline is March 31st. Please submit a completed application and supporting materials by this date. 

If I receive the scholarship, will I get a check or does the money go directly to my program?

The Athena A.C.E. Association directs funds to your school or program upon receiving proof of enrollment.

Recipient(s) of the scholarship may elect to receive their award via personal check, however a completed W-9 will be required from any recipient who elects to have a portion of the funds given to them directly.

Do I have to be enrolled before I begin applying for scholarships?

No, you do not have to be officially enrolled in order to begin your quest for scholarships. However, if you are a chosen recipient, you must be enrolled by September 30th and provide enrollment verification.

Are graduate students eligible?

Our scholarships are available to any woman over the age of 25 seeking further education. This includes courses through a college/university at any level of study or a certificate/diploma program.