What is the deadline for scholarships?

The scholarship deadline this year is June 23, 2017.  Please have your completed application and supporting materials submitted by this date.  Keep in mind that these scholarships are awarded once/year.  So missing a deadline can mean missing out until the next cycle.  Applications submitted past the deadline are not usually considered.

If I receive the scholarship, will I get a check or does the money go to the school?

Whether the money goes to you or directly to the school is the choice of the recipient(s) of the scholarship.  A completed W-9 will be required from any recipient who elects to have the check written to them directly.  The Athena ACE Association will write the recipient(s) a check and will present it at an awards ceremony.

Do I have to be currently enrolled in a university before I begin applying for scholarships?

No, you do not have to be officially enrolled in order to official begin your quest for scholarships.  However, if you are a chosen recipient, you must be enrolled by September 30th 2017.  The Association will ask for eligibility verification, which may include among other things, proof of enrollment by the required date.

Are graduate students eligible?

Our scholarships are available to any woman seeking more education.  This includes taking classes through a college/university at any level of study or a certificate/diploma program.