Meet the Recipients

Below is a list of our recipients of the Athena ACE scholarship.  Click on a name to learn more about that recipient.

Marilu Segura

2017 1st Recipient

Sandy Gerlach

2015 1st Recipient

Silmarie Ortiz

2017 2nd Recipient

Amorette Hudzina

2015 2nd Recipient

Kim Siedel

2011 Recipient

Wendy Wright

2016 1st Recipient

Tempi Newson Landi

2014 Recipient

Abbey Shipley

2010 Recipient

Jackie Doyle

2016 2nd Recipient

Patty Pierson

2013 Recipient

Consider Applying…

Are you a local female pursuing an education as a means of improving your future?  Do you possess the same commitment to community service as our past recipients?  If so, review the application materials to see if you qualify for this year’s scholarship.